Marine Dress Allies


Wedding dress at the sea

Marine dressesALLIESsuggest a free wedding at the sea or pool with the concept of making “love more free”.


Now that the words “couture wedding” and “DIY wedding” have become commonplace. There is an increasing number of requests for “more freedom”, “more like two people”, and “more special” for wedding locations and photography.

On the other hand, the demand for resort weddings and photography is increasing year by year.

Therefore, marine dresses that offers an “underwater wedding” beyond the limits of the resort photo wedding.

We will bring more freedom and special moments and memories to many couples.




I designed this dress with the idea that “I want all the couples to enjoy their wedding more freely”. 

As a background to this, recently, the number of wedding ceremonies at the beach has increased, and I hear that some of them want to wear a dress “in the sea”. 

However, it has various limitations and is difficult to implement. Therefore, fulfilling those requests is one of the purposes of this dress. 

I was particular about making IT LOOK LIKE JUST NORMAL DRESS when viewed from a distance. 

You will never realize that it was made of “wet suit material” unless you touch it. 

And also it is comfortable to wear and can be washed with water on the spot after going on land, so it is easy to handle. 

Of course, we also pay close attention to safety.